Even though we’ve only just started to get the horrible, face nipping cold that winter brings, I always recommend that during winter months you use a serum. Serums are high concentrate doses of skin care that protect the complexion, especially if it is dry or sensitive. Using a serum can keep dehydration at bay, and better still, add a glowy, dewy effect as well a pumping the skin full of nutrients to keep it in tip top condition. Personally, I use a serum all year round but it’s all down to personal choice – either target specific skin issues, such as dryness in winter, or go for the belt and braces effect and play it safe! Dr Sebagh’s Rose de Vie is replenishing, calming and soothing and forms a weightless protective veil over the skin to keep moisture in and harsh elements out. It’s anti-ageing and anti-oxidant and sorts out redness, too. Interestingly, it is recommended for post laser facial rejuvenation treatments when skin is hyper-senstive, which is testament to it’s extreme gentleness.

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