Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is one of the world's most well-known and well-loved beauty brands, with a whole host of celebrity followers to its name. Now you can experience the same luxury treatment with the huge range of quality skin care, make up and beauty products available here at BeautyExpert.com.

The brand was first established in 1910 by Florence Nightingale Graham, who went by her now world-renowned business name (inspired by the poem ‘Enoch Arden’) to build up the company. She firmly believed that “to be beautiful is the birth right of every woman”, and was committed to bringing out beauty by combining science and nature to create innovate skin care solutions. She strove to create beauty products that did not mask a woman’s features, but worked to enhance them instead with the most innovative skin care formulas. Ever the perfectionist, she even produced a bold red lipstick to match the uniforms worn by World War II servicewomen.

Recognised all over the world, her legacy lives on today and her beauty products are loved by woman of all ages. Whether you are looking for luxury skin care to enhance your morning routine, or you’re after some new quality cosmetics to add to your make up collection, you’ll find a huge range of professional beauty products within this coveted collection. With over 100 of years of experience behind the brand, and a global reputation to go with it, you can trust in these luxury products to make you look and feel beautiful inside and out. Pick up yours now from BeautyExpert.com with free delivery worldwide.

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