With so much written about anti-ageing and dry skin conditions, I sometimes feel that oily skin doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Issues with oily skin can include excess shine, breakouts and blackheads. Something as simple as ensuring you are using the right kind of cleanser can really help to keep your skin more balanced as well as brightening and improving the texture. Cleansing is a vital first step in keeping your skin looking and feeling as good as possible. I like Darphin’s Purifying Foam Gel for its gentle but effective foaming method of deeply cleansing skin without adding oil or overloading the complexion. Used twice a day, morning and night, it instantly refreshes the skin, removing oil and any skin debris. Follow on with Skin MAT Regulating Serum and Skin MAT Regulating Fluid for skin care that nourishes, moisturises and balances oily skin. And, if you bemoan your oily complexion, the good news is that apparantly all those oils that trouble you now are the ones that will keep your skin looking more supple and younger as you age than those with dry skin!

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