Holly Willoughby is famous for her gorgeous curves and stunning dresses – her Strictly Come Dancing outfit on Sunday got almost more column inches than the programme! We can’t help noticing though that Holly’s skin absolutely glows – the skin on her arms is positively peachy (plenty of exfoliating and moisturising if you want to replicate) and as for her decollete? Beautiful – and a perfect example of why looking after that area is vital. We like NuBo SynErgetic Serum Visage Decollete formulated with antioxidants from essential oils to nourish the skin and ensure it looks and feels soft and supple. It also boosts the skin barrier and helps to keep the area brighter and more glowy. And, don’t forget to pile on the SPF during the summer to keep the skintone on your decollete perfectly even.

Image: www.mirror.co.uk

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