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We love to keep up with the latest hair trends here at Beauty Expert, and one that seems to be gaining a fabulous amount of attention is cleansing conditioners! Also known as co-washing, cleansing conditioners essentially means “conditioner-only-washing” – offering you a one formula alternative to your standard shampoo and conditioner.

It’s certainly a new approach to washing hair, but with cleansing conditioners designed to cleanse, hydrate and condition as well as leaving you with soft, frizz-free and hair that’s full of volume, what’s not to love?

What exactly are Cleansing Conditioners?

Cleansing conditioners are soap-free formulas that use oils as opposed to the stripping surfactants found in your typical shampoos. The unique formula will lift away the dirt and residue from your hair, but it won’t take any of the natural goodness that our hair produces to help it look and feel amazing. It’s often the case that frequent shampooing can be the main reason for why we suffer with excessive dryness, flyway’s and general unmanageability, so it’s no surprise that cleansing conditioners are becoming an attractive alternative to your conventional shampoos. Although it can take a while to adjust to this new approach, it’s lightweight and low-lather formula means its gentle enough to become part of your everyday hair routine. What’s even more fabulous is that cleansing conditioners can work on all hair types, so follow the simple steps below from Matrix to find out what cleansing conditioner is most suitable for you.


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Choose a conditioner that’s right for you from the Matrix Biolage range:


Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner - Fine Hair   Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner - Medium HairMatrix - Coarse HairMatrix - Curly Hair

What are your thoughts on cleansing conditioners? Discover the cleansing conditioner range at with free delivery worldwide.




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