Every woman groans at the eternal problem of hair removal; in winter, we can just about get away with yeti-legs and a less than tidy bikini line, but come summer, there’s just no hiding it. And, body hair has this way of appearing in places you least expect it, I find. I discovered recently – to my horror – a hair sprouting out of my neck that was about an inch long (so it had been there for quite some time!); how did that happen? But this summer, they’re actually starting to appear on my toes. Oh, no! Man feet! Hair removal is tiresome to say the least, and making time to get into a salon doesn’t happen as often as it should. So, I’m doing it myself, and not only is it saving me a fortune, but it’s totally convenient, too. I’ve been using Nads Natural Hair Removal Gel for my legs and the Nads Hair Removal Strips are doing great service for the bikini area (and those fuzzy toes!). Any stragglers just get whipped out with tweezers, and hey presto, job done. It’s not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, although it helps to stand with one leg bent at the knee resting on the side of the bath for the bikini line – that way you can stretch yourself into the right position and maintain a dignified balance!

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