Pre-holiday, I had a little panic moment when I tried on my bikini! I don’t have a lot of cellulite but staring back at me from the mirror were definitely some dimples. Definitely. And they weren’t there last year, either! I’d heard rave reviews about Biotherm Celluli Laser D-Code across other blogs, so it seemed the time had come to give it a go. Having previously been a cellulite cream sceptic, I’m completely a convert now. While I didn’t even give the formula the correct amount of time to get working (it fives results in 10 days), I found it sumptuous to use. It’s a gel consistency but very silky and so smooth on application it was a pleasure to apply. Where I noticed a difference within a few days was in skin softness and firmness. In turn, that made my dimples look less obvious and clearly better on the beach! Result. The product contains 25% essential oils – citrus, pepper, cardamom, ginger, rose and geranium, with a topping of caffeine, ruscus and ginko to encourage drainage. It’s a very impressive product that did truly make my cellulite and the skin on my bum and legs look and feel much softer and tauter.

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