Fine lines & wrinkles are the topic of conversation on most women’s lips and more specifically what you can use/do to make them disappear. No matter what your age, it is always important to keep your skin hydrated as it has been discovered that having dry skin throughout your life can doubles the rate at which lines develop.

By using the correct moisturiser whether that might be in the form of a cream, oil or serum both day and night, you can temporally cause a plumping effect which keeps your skin supple and less prone to the etching of lines. Another key factor to keep in mind is to protect your skin on a daily basis with an SPF as this is known as the number one cause of wrinkles. The lighter your skin, the more susceptible you are to wrinkles, which is why women with darker skin tend to age better. If you like applying moisturiser on a daily basis remember to purchase a moisturiser that includes a SPF, this will also your skin to stay protected as well as hydrated.

As you age, there are other ways that you can keep your skin in great shape:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Stress leads to furrowed brow
  • Wear sunglasses on sunny days

Bestselling products for fine lines and wrinkles:

Tub of Pro Collagen Marine Cream 50ml

Pro Collagen Marine Cream 50ml

  • 111SKIN space anti age NAC Y2 – facelift day cream 50ml – boasts an innovative collagen formula that works to improve the elasticity of the skin making skin look and feel softer and more radiant.
111Skin Space Anti Age NAC Y2 - Facelift Day Cream (50ml)

111Skin Space Anti Age NAC Y2 – Facelift Day Cream (50ml)

Fine Line Face Oil 15ml

Fine Line Face Oil 15ml

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