I think we’re all pretty used to the idea by now that a moisturiser with SPF is essential for the face to ward off future wrinkles, but one area we tend to forget is our hands. And, as they’re exposed to just as much UV light as our faces (unless you’re doing a weird summer-glove trend) they’ll give away your age way before any crow’s feet will. Ideally, you want to be aiming for an SPF of 15+ and regularly re-applying. It’s fine to use a normal sunscreen, although using a handcream with added SPF will ensure your skin gets all the right nourishment and anti-ageing ingredients, too. If you are out and about, keep a sunblock stick in your handbag and give your hands a quick swipe every now and again. I like Korres Honeysuckle Hand Cream, SPF15, that also targets brittle nails and doesn’t leave hands feeling oily or sticky.

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