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Here at Beauty Expert, we recently caught up with the wonderful skincare guru Ole Henriksen, and what a lovely man he is! He gave us an insight into his passion for skincare , updated us on his latest skincare products, and gave away some key tips for helping you look your very best!

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So Ole, when did your love of skin care begin?

Well my love of skincare happened at a very young age because my Mother used to bring home products when she worked at a pharmacy. As a family, we used to go skiing and sledging and the cold weather was very harsh on our skin. My mother would massage soothing cream on our face every morning and I used love how good it felt. As a young man I also developed cystic acne and was very frustrated with how bad my skin became. I went to see a dermatologist in Indonesia where I lived at the time. She treated my skin with natural products and I was impressed with the results. This inspired me to go to school in London and study cosmetic chemistry. I fell in love with the profession. I love helping people look and feel their best and helping them to build their self-esteem by having great skin.

What’s the one product you always turn to?

For me the one product I can’t live without is my Pure Truth Activating Oil! It’s an amazing multi-purpose product that addresses so many of my skin concerns. It’s really calming and soothing on your skin as well as having so many nourishing properties. The pure rose hip seed oil and vitamin c in the oil are both high in concentration so the vitamin c will brighten and tighten my skin as well as fighting against pure radical damage. The oil helps improves the skins texture as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles by using the same fatty acids found in our food  to plump the cells.

Why do you use natural ingredients in your products?

I simply love using natural ingredients because extracts from nature are highly therapeutic and they help elevate the effects of other ingredients. I really love using anti-oxidants like Vitamin C! It’s the king of anti-oxidants because it helps detoxify and brighten the skin as well as helping to strengthen the collagen.

What would you recommend for sensitive skin?

Well there are many conditions that can cause your skin to be sensitive like cold weather, lack of vitamins, dryness and food allergies. One product I love for sensitive skin is the Pure Truth Melting Cleanser. The cleanser literally melts into the skin and is very soothing. It actually turns into a milk when emulsified so it’s really gentle on sensitive skins. I also like the Pure Truth Serum as it contains 5 different types of Vitamin C!  It’s also very anti- inflammatory and strengthens the immune system too. The serum is very light so it’s great to use in the morning before applying moisturiser. When it comes to moisturiser, I’d recommend the Nurture Me Creme because it provides a wonderful shield for sensitive skin. It’s great for comforting, calming and healing skin and is defiantly I’d recommend for keeping sensitive skins healthy.

What’s the perfect summer skin care routine?

Hot weather can cause havoc with our skin. The key is to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. The Truth Cleansing Cloths are great for cleansing on the go. They’re perfect for festivals or travelling when you need a quick refresh. They remove dirt and make-up but they’re not drying on the skin. I’d also recommend applying the Protect The Truth SPF50+ – it’s really light and protects against harmful UV rays. For night time, the key is to exfoliate as your skin can become clogged. The Power Peel is best for reviving the skin at night. It’s a three step kit that will give you brighter and smoother skin, you’ll notice results after just once.  In the kit, you should start with the almond polish – the fine particles clean and smooth the skin. When you’ve rinsed the polish off, you should apply the lemon strip to the skin. This will tighten tighten your pores and repair fine lines and wrinkles. Leave it on for for 3-4 minutes and then addd the Chamomile Comfort on top for a soothing finish.

What’s the best product to help with anti-ageing?

I’m a firm believer of exfoliation. Most of my products contain alpha hydroxyl acids that help stimulate skin turnover rate, for younger firmer skin. The Walnut Complexion Scrub is a favourite of mine and it’s sure to leave you with baby soft skin and a wonderful youthflow glow!

And how often should you exfoliate?

Exfoliation should be used a booster treatment so when using the Walnut Complexion Scrub for example, we need to remember the product does all the work for you there so is no need to scrub hard on the skin. The great thing with this Scrub is that it emulsifies into foam which makes the exfoliation gentler. I’d recommend exfoliating once a week to get the best results. Make sure you dampen your hands and rub the Scrub between the hands first to make light foam. This will make it glide across the skin – giving you an effortless treatment.

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