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Celebrate Our Birthday With Some Of Beauty’s Most Defining Moments

It’s October, which means we’re officially in the month of Beauty Expert’s 10th Birthday! To celebrate the run up we’re taking a look back at some of the most pinnacle moments in beauty over the last ten years…

number 1


One of 2015’s most Googled trends and gracing Instagram accounts everywhere, it was not long before the face honing trend made its way on to the catwalk. Arguably, a trend birthed by the social media selfie, there’s no denying that 2015 was the year of the mattifying bronzer and the sculpted cheek bone.

number 2

The Eyebrow Revolution

Donned “The Beauty Obsession of The Decade” by The Guardian, the eyebrow has found fame in 2016. Made famous by the likes of Cara Delevinge and Gigi Hadid, beauty lovers all over have been putting down the tweezers in favour of a much bushier look. So much so, that eyebrow transplants and microblading are now “a thing”. But for those who don’t fancy a permanent eyebrow transformation, this Eyebrow Styling Compact from Shiseido and Eye and Brow Perfecting Palette from High Definition, does the job perfectly.

number 3

BB Creams

First storming on to the beauty market in Asia, BB creams made their European debut back in 2011 – and the rest is history. Originally created by dermatologists for patients who had undergone laser skin surgery, the product is a professional at tackling redness, dull skin and evening-out complexions.

number 4Multi-masking

The rise of the social media beauty fad has been undeniable over the last decade,  and multi-masking has definitely been one of them. But as interesting as it looks on social media, it does actually make sense, as few of us have consistently normal skin all over our faces. Where your T-zone may be oiler and prone to breakouts, your cheeks may be that little bit drier and in need of hydrating –  meaning you’ll need different solutions to tackle the problem areas. So the trend that started off as a social media fad is actually kind of genius, right?

number 5


Self-tan has become such a stalwart product in our beauty cupboard that we actually forget that it was once never ‘a thing’. Self-tans move to the mainstream means that the bronzed look is now a sign of ‘health’ and ‘wellbeing’, however, this was not always the case. Up until the 1920’s, tanned skin was a sign of poverty, and a creamy complexion was the epitome of beauty (think Carrie Mulligan’s flapper inspired photo shoot with Vogue). Powdery, pale skin that rarely saw light of day was a sign of glamour and luxury. That is, until Coco Chanel came along…

After returning from one of her yacht trips in Cannes in 1923 with sun-kissed skin, little did she know that she would have started a tanning trend that the beauty world would hold on to for decades to come. Today, self-tan comes in a plethora of formulas from lotions, mousses and sprays – the bronzing possibilities are endless. Here’s a pick of just a few of our favourites….


number 6

Organic Beauty

Organic beauty collection trends are popping up all over the beauty market of late. According to the Soil Association’s 2015 Organic Market Report, the sales of certified organic beauty products jumped up by 20% in 2014, reaching just over £44m. The growth in the beauty trend has seen an array of new brands storm on to the market. Created by sensitive skin suffer, Sarah Brown, Pai is a brand whose ethos completely encompasses the organic philosophy. Using only the highest quality of organic ingredients, our favourite is their Rosehip BoiRengerate Oil , which works hard to regenerate skin without irritation.



False Lashes

The fluttering lash might have been born in the 60’s by supermodel Twiggy, but the last ten years has seen the false lash really take full effect. So much so, that today you can buy your favourite Eylure number in the supermarket whilst your picking up some last minute dinner essentials. Today, we might prefer our lashes to look less “Twiggy” and a little more feathery, there’s no denying that the supermodel’s look continues to inspire the beauty world season after season.



The Lunchtime Peel

The fast-paced nature of the ever growing digital world has created a need for ‘lunchtime beauty’. Fast-track beauty treatments mean busy women can now can fit in their beauty requirements without extending their working day (not that we can call half an hour at the salon working!). “The lunchtime peel” is now a term which has been adorned by dermatologists and aestheticians for treatments that can be performed within an hour or less. For those who don’t fancy taking a gamble on a little lunchtime luxury, you can always save your pamper session until you get home with this Caudalie Glycolic Peel.

nine Korean Beauty

Giving birth to a plethora of stalwart beauty products over the last 10 years, Korea has set itself as the homeland of beauty innovation. Starting with BB creams back in 2011, the far eastern country has since given birth to sheet masks, essences, cleansing oils and cushion compacts.



Black Nail Varnish

Long gone are the days when donning a shade of noir made you the birth child of David Bowie. Now rocked by the likes of Blake Lively and Emma Watson, the moody manicure has shed its intimidating persona and donned a much more sleek, glamourous appeal.




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