Blonde Vs Brunette

With a spate of celebrities changing their hair colour recently including the gorgeous Natalie Portman, we ask what is the best colour? And does the weather and seasons change what colour you are asking for at the hairdressers?

Many a celebrity has swapped from blonde to brunette locks. Take a look at our hair transformations:

Natalie Portman

Jennifer Lawrence


Cheryl Cole

So what is it that makes you feel the need for a colour change? Are we always trying to reclaim our hair once lost; is the recession leaving us with less money to spend on our appearance, or is it just simple boredom.

Whatever the reason, having been blonde and brunette myself, I would have to say BOTH are equally fun and why not experiment with different colours.

One thing to make sure of though, always respect your hair and only dye it if you have been advised by a professional.

Using the right products for your hair also helps keep the hair’s condition tip top and looking glossy.

Blondes need to focus on maintaining and boosting moisture, so anything which has a moisture rich formula or that smooths the hair cuticle is ideal – Try Moroccanoil Moisture repair conditioner or Fekkai Shea Butter conditioner .

For brunettes it is more about maintaining the colour and keeping a glossy shine, for this use a colour protection shampoo and conditioner, like this one from Aesop.



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