Some make up tools literally do change the way your make up looks. One such item is the Kabuki brush -traditionally made to be soft and fluffy and based on tools used in Japanese Kabuki theatre. The idea is that the wider and more airy the brush, the more flawless the application, hence its small handle and large surface area bristles. It’s honestly one of the most useful items in my make up bag, whether I need to apply bronzer, blush or even loose powder, it is the brush I turn to ever time. This one from Becca is firm enough to pick up pigment effectively, and light enough to ensure an even coverage, wherever you are using it. I have used Kabukis to add body shimmer (make sure you clean it properly afterwards of course because otherwise you end up with a very sparkly face the next morning!) over shoulders and on decolette, to swish over bronzer on cheeks, shoulders and a sweep over the nose, to apply mineral foundation without any fall out and for an immaculate coverage, and of course as an every-day blush item. It’s proved it is worth its weight in gold any day of the week. Our lovely Kabuki from Becca is a no-regrets buy.

Writer and expert