milkOne of the best pieces of beauty I’ve ever received was from’s co-founder, Hilary Andrews. The night before my daughter’s first ever prom, she decided she needed to look browner. So, picking out my most reliable self tanner (naming no names but forever consigned to the bin!) I gave her the full works; exfoliation, moisturiser then a light coat of tan. The following morning – disaster! A hysterical and very patchy teenager throwing the biggest hissy fit of all time. Somehow the tan had clung to certain patches of skin and not to others; resulting in probably the worst tan catastrophe I’d ever seen. Oops. Hilary to the rescue….after a frantic phone call, she advised MILK! And sure enough, a pint later and oodles of cotton wool pads, one stroppy teen had turned into (a lily white!) happy one. The lactic acid in milk acts as a gentle exfoliant and is the antidote for tan traumas. Who knew?

If you have a miracle ‘rescue’, we’d love to know…

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