If your skin is sensitive or fragile, it’s really hard to find an exfoliant that won’t upset your complexion or make it worse. But even sensitive skin wants to look glowy and the only way to do that really is to get rid of dead cells that block your radiance. If you are too nervous to try anything new on your skin, you can use your usual cleanser and with a muslin cloth, very gently cleanse using small, light touch circles around your face; rinse away as usual with tepid water. The action of the slightly abrasive muslin will give a mild exfoliating effect. However, if you do want to try something different, Mary Cohr Lily Essences Mild Exfoliator is super-mild and acts to dissolve any old cells to leave skin smoother; it acts as a cleanser at the same time and boosts the skin’s oxygen levels so it looks plump and fresh. It’s designed for delicate and sensitive complexions.

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