Catherine Zeta Jones has stripped right down to the barest of essentials for American magazine, Allure. The actress, aged 40, says she’s proud of her body. And so she should be – she’s not too skinny like many in the public eye, with a very feminine, curvy physique. But, what I want to know is how her body looks so flawless. Even though, almost without doubt, there will have been some airbrushing (there’s a suspicious ‘gleam’ on one of her legs), she just looks so peachy – even in the ‘behind-the-scenes’ pictures. We’ve just got hold of the amazing Clarisonic cleansing system – there’s been so much press about this fabulous gadget (I have one, and love it) but there’s barely ever a mention of the body brush attachment (£20) that truly does transform skin. If you have those little raised bumps on your thighs or upper arms, the Clarisonic body attachments deals with them in double quick time. You do need to add plenty of moisturiser afterwards – preferably something weighty, such as a body butter – but if you are investing in the Clarisonic for your face, ensure you snap up the body brush too. It’s well worth it.

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