It’s not often an electric toothbrush gets us excited. Well, you know us, we’re beauty girls! Throw us a cracking lippy, a banging mascara, some luxuriously indulgent bubble bath oil or a moisturiser that gives us ridiculously baby soft skin and we’ll love you forever. But a toothbrush? Erm, yeah, we can’t say we seen that one coming.

Here at Beauty Expert, we’ve been getting a little bit hot and bothered over the FOREO ISSA. And here’s why.

First of all, they look totally awesome in our bathrooms, (much better than a standard Colgate toothbrush). They come in an array of colours: pretty Lavender, fresh Mint (see what we did there), Cobalt Blue, Enchanted Violet, Mango Tango, Wild Strawberry and for the goths among you, Cool Black. We’re joking, of course!


So why do we love the FOREO ISSA so much? Well, for starters, it’s the first ever toothbrush made completely with silicone, and that means something. The gentle silcone creates just the right amount of friction when you’re brushing, so there’s no pain, no bleeding gums, just plenty of good old cleaning! The brush boasts 3D flexibility, that helps the brush reach every crevice, as well as unique WhiteTooth TM technology that works to remove those pesky red wine (we mean, coffee!) stains, and polish your teeth to their ultimate, gleaming whiteness.

The FOREO ISSA offers much more of a hygienic solution that nylon bristles, as the non-abrasive silcon bristles are bi-directional, ensuring full coverage of your mouth, whilst preventing bacteria build-up. There brush also boasts a pulsing action that works to stimulate additional blood flow, as well as an 8 speed interface, which allows you to adjust the frequency of pulsations to suit the needs of your teeth. And get this – every 30 seconds, the pulse indicates when it is time to clean another section of your mouth. After 2 minutes, it will pulse again to signify the end of brushing routine – if you’ve brushed enough of course!

So if your gnashers have been looking a little worse for wear lately, check out the new FOREO ISSA at Beauty Expert. We’re impressed, will you be? Don’t forget, you can shop the full FOREO range at Beauty Expert.


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