The trend for blue nails is going to continue unabated well into the autumn and winter, so we need to get our heads around it now. Although next season’s nails will nod more at navy than neon, it will be splashed across all the fashion and beauty pages. For summer, you need to think diamante silver flipflops, Pucci-esq maxi-dresses and a smattering of tan to wear the blue brights around at the moment – it’s definitely workable with the right wardrobe. Test out the look on holiday where its all going to look much more in place than on an outing to Sainsbury’s. When darker blues hit the shelves, think cream cashmere sweaters, gold bangles and darkest denim jeans to make navy nails the accessory of the season. If blue nails are okay for Miley Cyrus, Eva Mendes and Lindsay Lohan, who have all been spotted sporting the look, they’re fine by us, too!

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