I’ve noticed of late that sleeping on my side is doing no favours to my decollete! Somehow I wake up and my front is as creased as the bed linen…and as a sure sign of ageing, the lines don’t disappear anymore (I’ve discovered also to my cost that pillowcases with buttons aren’t a good idea at all – I ended up with a perfect imprint of a button on my cheek that lasted for hours the other day!). So, I’m hoping my newest purchase, Decleor Excellence De L’Age Neck & Decollete Cream, will go some way to uncreasing some sleep lines. Its got four powerful firming essential oils and Lipofilling technology for improved skin texture that should strengthen the skin and leave it pliable enough to rediscover its bounce! And, I’m following to the letter the application instructions that come with it:

1.Warm a little Neck and Decollete Concentrate in the palms of your hands and apply it to your neck, neckline and shoulders.
2. Place your right hand below your left ear and, using one hand and then the other, massage gently from your neck to the neckline using your open palm. Repeat the process on the right side.
3. Place your right hand just above the bust area and massage upwards in a diagonal direction until you have covered the left shoulder. Continue up to the back of the neck and then release. Repeat the technique on the other side using your left hand to complete the shape of a heart.

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