Despite experts predicting beauty trends of red lips, full brows and barely there cheek shades, lashes have emerged as the hit of the year. I like to think it’s the Cheryl Cole effect; who doesn’t want her beautiful, full, sooty sweepers? But, like most of us, she wasn’t blessed with that immaculate set; she’s openly into falsies. And, I’m gradually coming to realise that the new breed of false eyelashes are a far cry from the days when glue was unreliable and you could easily spend the evening with one eye boasting sky high scrapers, and the other completely bare with a spidery strip lurking somewhere in your hair, down your cleavage or slowly being ground into the carpet by innocent passers-through. And, the choice of how you wear your lashes is vast, from plain black through to huge sweeps of red feathers or spiky blue points. I love our selection of Eylure Lashes that can rev up your look with a smear of glue and plenty of verve. My favourites are these Elyisian Fields that are perfect over black mascara’d lashes teamed with a strappy maxi dress and gold gladiator sandals….it’s the ultimate Ibiza beach glamour look.

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