I’ve caved and given up on waiting for the British sunshine to come through, opting for a long weekend abroad where sunshine is guaranteed. You cannot beat lying on a lounger by a heavenly pool and letting the heat sink into your bones as an instant mood boost and idyllic chill out. But, my skin doesn’t love the sun even though I do. I came to the Institut Esthederm sun care range a couple of years ago and have never looked back. Loving a light tan as I do, but battling hives in intense sun, I found that pre-prepping my skin with Gatineau Melatogenine Tan Prolonger (which brings melanin to the surface of the skin) and then using the IE sun care significantly calms things down. My favourite sun product from the range is Adaptasun Sensitive Tanning Cream, but this year I am giving Sun Intolerance High Protection Spray a try. Institut Estherderm doesn’t work to traditional SPF factors, and works to help skin protect itself rather than a blanket block, and still gives UV protection. It’s a difficult concept to get when we are all so used to judging on an SPF rating, but I can swear that I have never once burned using Institut Esthederm. Love it.

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