Well, there’s no doubt that changing spring light is highlighting my 2009 sins! A close inspection in the magnified mirror (oh, you need to be brave for that!) shows a new crop of fine lines and a few extra wrinkles, too. Whether these are just visible to me – because let’s face it, nobody actually sees my face magnified but me – or if they are there for the whole world to view, its hard to say. But nonetheless, I’m slathering on Kiehls Acai Damage Repairing Serum as though I have the last bottle ever! (I don’t – we have plenty to go round!) It has power-packed ingredients that don’t just pay lip service, but actually follow through with their claims; evening out my skin texture and dispensing moisture to minimise those new arrivals, as well as nipping sun damage in the bud. I love the smell, which is slightly herbal/floral, and the texture which is light as air.

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