Dr Perricone’s Cold Plasma cream might sound like the perfect Halloween treat, but the stats on this product are waking up the entire beauty industry. Formulated to firm and tighten skin along the jaw-line and chin, results have been nothing short of incredible. Without filling this post with figures, a couple of examples are:

82% felt the appearance of their chin/jaw-line was better toned and tight; more firm
85% saw a decrease in the appearance of fat under their skin

Pretty impressive. The jaw-line is a tricky area, and one that causes no end of consternation with the only reliable way of permanently reducing sagging being a little nip and tuck. It’s fantastic that a cream can take the place of a knife – and no, the results aren’t as immediate or as radical – but if your jaw line is the place that gives you most concern, then it’s well worth avoiding an invasive procedure if you possibly can.

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