If you keep up with beauty columns in magazines or newspapers, you’ll notice that there’s a huge focus on the neck area at the moment. Sadly, thanks to thinner skin and constant repetitious movements, necks do show signs of ageing very quickly and often very obviously. And, at least to me, it always seems a shocking waste of an expensive face cream to slather it over the neck – which takes at least as much as a face! But, if you’re wondering what to look for in a neck cream, it’s pretty much the same as an anti-ageing face cream. Plenty of hydration with toning, collagen supporting and firming ingredients should be standard in any anti-ageing neck cream you buy. Elemis Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment for Neck and Bust performed well on trials, showing a reduction of crepiness of up to 33% and 17% improvement in skin firmness. It’s always worth checking what a product’s clinic trial results are so that you know what to expect from it and can have some measure on how it is actually working for you. It’s also, of course, really good to know ahead of time that it does actually work!

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