Taking your cleansing experience to the next level, the Foreo range from Beauty Expert provides you with a deep but gentle cleanse that removes make up, dirt and excess oil from your skin.

How Does It Work

Using innovative T-Sonic™ Technology with transdermal sonic pulsations across your skin to work deeper into your pores than every before. Use with any cleanser, notice a significant difference in your skin, experiencing a smoother and more refined complexion in days.

1300 non abrasive, silicone coated touch-points are configured into three zones to suit all skin types. Completely waterproof and fully rechargeable, use once in the morning and again in the evening to get the best results for you complexion.


Check out the Foreo range here

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Make Up Specialist

Major fan of scented candles, Make Up brushes and Highlighter. I’m always on the hunt for those Holy Grail products and my dressing table is covered in more beauty products than I like to admit. As an adopted Northerner originally from Brighton, I spend most my days wondering what all this rain is about. My hair isn’t grateful for the move. Currently loving: NIOD Photography Fluid