We’re all suffering now thanks to Arctic conditions – my skin is a perpetual state of dehydration unless I really ramp up the moisturiser! Anyone will thank you for receiving Eve Lom’s Daily Collection as a gift – it is packed with the essentials to get your complexion balanced and comfortable. Starting with the now famous balm cleanser that whips away every last bit of debris and leaves skin emolliated and supple, and moving on to a full size moisturiser that really locks in every last bit of moisturiser, also included is a muslin cloth to exfoliate away the cleanser leaving skin gleaming. My top tip is if your skin is achingly dry, don’t take the balm off with the cloth, but use a gentle or very mild toner instead, so you don’t exacerbate any soreness, and ensure you use the moisturiser whenever you feel that tell-tale discomfort that tells you your skin is suddenly on speed-dry.

Writer and expert