It isn’t a myth that you should change your cleanser in winter; if your skin is generally drier in the cold, a more emollient and rich cleanser will help to combat skin dehydration. Creamy cleansers, balms and oils all leave skin feeling softer and more supple thanks to richer hydrators and a heavier consistency. If you are new to cleansing with oils, a good place to start is with Shu Uemura (and who could resist this gorgeous packaging for Christmas?!). The oil is rich in botanicals to leave skin feeling very silky post-cleansing, and contrary to the sound, doesn’t leave skin at all oily! The art of a good oil cleanser is to leave skin feeling balanced, so not overly greasy and not overly dry, but at a point of perfection inbetween, and of course, still do a thorough cleansing job, and Shu Uermura Cleansing Oil ticks all those boxes.

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