Dry, chapped lips are very common amongst both men and women but you can find a dry lips remedy. A cold day can result in sore, cracked lips but don’t be fooled you may find that you have more issues in the summer months due to winds, dry air and you tend to lick your lips more from the hotter climate. Be very careful with which lip balm, gloss or moisturiser you use as some contain chemicals that are addictive which can result in your lips becoming dependent upon lip balm.

Many people think that with dry, cracked lips that you shouldn’t exfoliate, exfoliation is something that you should definitely be doing! By using a gentle lip scrub such as Bliss fabulips sugar lip scrub daily will dramatically change the state of your lips – your lips are now prepared to receive an application of lip balm.

Best dry lip remedies:

  • Coola liplux SPF30 original – enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, it soothes and nourishes whilst protecting against harmful rays with added SPF30.
Nuxe Natural Christal Lip Balm (7ml)

Nuxe Natural Christal Lip Balm (7ml)


  • Eve Lom kiss mix lip treatment 7ml – perfect handbag size. An all year round treatment that keeps your lips protected from UV rays and biting winds leaving them utterly smooth and supple.
Tub of Kiss Mix Lip Treatment 7ml

Kiss Mix Lip Treatment 7ml


  • Nuxe natural christal lip balm 7ml – works effectively with your lips to provide nourishment and protection whilst leaving a natural-looking glossy effect with added SPF15.
Nuxe Natural Christal Lip Balm (7ml)

Nuxe Natural Christal Lip Balm (7ml)


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