Watching the A listers stream down the red carpets at the current glut of award ceremonies, I’m as interested in their hair and make up looks as the next person. However, you never really get to see their hands. We all know that slathering on the handcream at this time of year is vital – not only as an anti-ageing practice but also for comfort and relief from painfully dry skin. But, don’t forget your cuticles. Handcreams will help to keep them softened and pretty, but really it is best to have a targeted product that really can deal with cuticle woes. I’ve been using Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenshing Oil – at night or whenever I remember – you really can’t OD on this stuff! It’s got my cuticles from flaky and ragged to impressively smooth, reducing hard skin, particularly around the top end of the nail edge. While there are still a few dry patches, they are far less hard than they used to be, and my nail bases look completely smooth and defined. I’m going to start using it on my toes soon so that as soon as get back into my Walkstar Fitflops, my feet look pretty and polished.

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