Our must have product this week is all things glossy, moisturising, nourishing and plumping. You can never have enough lipsticks, one for every occasion, whether its bright and bold or a natural nude, there’s enough lipsticks out there to see you through from day to night in a million different ways. That’s why we love them! So check out our round up of this weeks hottest shades and shop the collection below at Beauty Expert

Lip Therapy

1. DuWop Lip Venom Plumping Paste – Anyone who has tried this lip plumping, pins and needles type lip volumiser will know that it does as it says on the tin. If you’re lusting after smooth, plump, Angelina Jolie like lips then give this plumping paste a try.

2. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant Stick – A summer essential that not only protects your lips in the sun but also softens, smoothes and enriches with a heap of antioxidants and emollients. Your lips are one of the easiest places on your body to burn and also the easiest place to forget protection, so make sure you pack this in your handbag when the days get hotter. You can use this as a base and build on top of it with colour but protection is key so don’t forget to give your lips some SPF love.

3. Daniel Sandler Matte Lipstick – A matte must have that has become a favourite amongst luxury beauty lovers everywhere, with comparisons to YSL, due to its long duty staying power, this lipstick will just keep on giving for a fraction of the price.

4. Lord and Berry Twistick – The beauty of this is its three in one properties, gloss, balm and lipstick, all rolled into one. Its often hard to find the qualities of a moisture surge balm that also gives colour so we absolutely love this from Lord and Berry. Light pink hues such as Pimkmania are great for fair skin or blue eyes, those with a darker complexion should stick with red hues such as On Stage.

5. Butter London Trout Pout Lippy – The glossiest of all our weeks favourites this high shine lipgloss from Butter London is a good kind of trout pout. These glosses are quite sticky but have strong saying power as well as high pigmentation so great if you need a top up on your night out! The Lippy range even has the matching shade available in their world famous nail lacquers to help compliment your entire outfit!



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