This mask is a definite favourite of mine – I’ve used it on and off for at least a year – it is always an absolute treat to use and your skin definitely gets a glow. Don’t waste it by using it while soaking in the bath and then going to bed all beautiful; use as a morning treat so everyone can see the benefit! It’s boosted with calcium and magnesium and at the heart of the whole Omorovicza range is Hungarian thermal waters. This mask uses Hungarian Moor Mud extracts. The thing you’ll most notice after use is how soft your skin feels and looks as well as getting a radiance boost. It’s good for skin that is congested but not exclusively – any skin type should be absolutely fine with this – and my tip is if you have trouble keeping pores clean over the nose and chin area, just cover that area for a very quick, no fuss detox a couple of times a week and save the full face for a lovely, relaxing pamper when you have time.

Writer and expert