Suddenly, foundation is too heavy, shades of burgundy lipsticks look drab and oh-my-goodness, those strands of grey are so obvious! That’s because spring light is so much harsher than winter grey days and all those little grooming details that go un-noticed in half light suddenly seem glaringly obvious now. Spring really is the time to spruce up: top of the list should be swapping foundation for a tinted moisturiser that makes the complexion look so much more lumious. At the same time, it’s a good idea to ditch your powder blush for a creme blush so the two differing consistencies aren’t at odds with each other. Start using a pale cream, pink or taupe eye shadow to make eyes look perky and wide awake; you can experiment safely with the spring bright looks by adding a lively eyeliner for a splash of colour. Swap lipsticks for sheer gloss, take your nail colours up a tone or two, and lastly, a good self tanner will do wonders to boost your look and mood. Jane X

Writer and expert