There used to be a fad for making your own cellulite treatments – there was talk of oil and used coffee grounds, brown sugar and goodness knows what else – as a cheap alternative. Now, I know coffee is used in many cellulite treatments but I don’t think rubbing old grounds on your body will do anything more than exfoliate a bit and leave an unholy mess in the shower. With so much advancement into the science of cellulite reduction, I’m not leaving it to leftovers to tackle things properly. Decleor’s new Slim Effect range comes with hard science behind it as well as proven results (yes, that’s what we love here at BeautyExpert – proof!) and it’s in beautiful formulations that are a pleasure to apply (and won’t leave your cleaner wondering why you are perculating in your own bathroom). My favourite is Slim Effect Draining Massage Balm that battles water retention, smells nothing short of divine and feels so silky on the skin that you just want to keep on massaging.

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