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The Caudalie range at features an extensive range of natural products that will cleanse, nourish and nurture your skin, including smoothing creams, luxurious elixirs and refreshing cleansers. Made from the finest quality natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients, the collection also includes beautiful fragrances and relaxing candles to leave your skin and home delicately scented.

Founded in Bordeaux, France, this was the first brand to patent the anti-ageing properties found in a vineyard’s crop. Using vines, grapes, seeds and leaves, the products are high in polyphenols and resveratrol to brighten the skin and fight the visible signs of ageing, leaving your skin looking noticeably younger and more radiant.

What are the benefits of the ingredients?

Aside from being free from chemicals, the signature ingredients have key skin benefits which will allow you to achieve a visibly younger-looking complexion. Grape-seed polyphenols are the most powerful antioxidant in the plant world, resveratrol targets the signs of ageing and viniferine from grapevine sap is the most effective natural molecule in fighting dark spots.

What is the Beauty Elixir?

One of the brand's cult products, the Beauty Elixir boasts a powerful, plant-based formula that works to target fine lines, tighten pores and enhance your skin’s natural radiance. Formulated with grape extract which hydrates and replenishes your skin, it also contains orange blossom to energise your complexion and balm mint to boost cell circulation. Providing deep hydration and nourishment, the Beauty Elixir also helps to set up your make up for a flawless finish.

Is there a product that works on both skin and hair?

There is! The Divine Oil is a luxurious, dry oil that will nourish your skin and hair, helping to banish any areas of dryness. Formulated with an expert blend of natural oils, including grape, argan, sesame and hibiscus, it also contains antioxidant-rich polyphenols to protect against environmental aggressors. Lightweight and quick-drying, the non-greasy texture is fast-absorbing to leave your skin feeling soft and your hair looking lustrous.

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