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Leaders in pigmentation skincare, WhiteRx are a project dedicated to visible skin lightening. Unlike other approaches to skin whitening, WhiteRx stay away from the use of harmful technologies like hydroquinone and mercuric salts. Their focus is on embracing the very latest technologically - advanced peptides and biotechnology; giving you the power to target visible skin pigmentation. Focused on complex technologies, WhiteRx have revolutionised the world of skin whitening; giving you the visible results, but in the most safe and effective way.

The Activated Serum combines the fast-acting and sustained independently proven technologies to target the appearance of skin pigmentation in both the short and long-term. The activated serum is best applied twice daily and should be the first taken after cleansing.

The White Blur serum-style primer acts as a prismatic primer, whitening the appearance of skin whilst blurring away any imperfections in the overall skin texture. The White Blur is best applied as your last treatment step but before make-up application.

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