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Shiffa Skincare is a brand that combines natural, good for you ingredients with dermatology. Inspired by the culture of ancient Arabia, Shiffa products incorporate the most luxurious ingredients with their pure oils blends and formulas. With each ingredient sourced from its country of origin, each product works hard to transform both the both and the mind into a place of wellbeing and calm. 

The women behind the Shiffa brand        

The woman behind the brand is Dr Lamees Hamdan, a qualified dermatologist, who later went on to develop Shiffa’s first product - the unique pregnancy oil. Providing ultimate hydration and –conditioning to firm and tone the skin and body, Dr Lamees tested the product on herself while she was pregnant to ensure that it delivered effective results. After the success of the first product, Dr Lamees, continued to combine her passion for holistic healing with her knowledge of dermatology and the Shiffa brand was born.

The Shiffa Philosophy

The Shiffa philosophy is entwined within the brand name. The word Shiffa simply means ‘healing’ or ‘to heal’ in Arabic. While the brand incorporates an ethos of wellbeing, it also harnesses the power of science and results.
Iranian rose, South  East Asian tamanu, Indian Amber, Egyptian Jasmine are just a few of the ingredients that are incorporated into Shiffa’s exquisite skincare formulations. For both men and women, Shiffa products are aimed at people who care about what they use on their bodies and want to harness a lifestyle of calm and wellbeing.

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