Inspirational Women Series: Karin Herzog

After 10 years of rigorous experimentation, Dr. Paul Herzog discovered the secret to miracle skincare. Inspired by the organic hydrating and antiseptic powers of oxygen, he developed a formula that stabilises active oxygen in a cream. Working with his wife and acclaimed esthetician, Karin, they created a range of luxury, high-performance, age-defying creams. In honour of this, Dr Herzog chose to name the line Karin Herzog. In true family tradition, Dr. Paul and Karin’s daughter, Noëlle passionately continues the Karin Herzog story. Today, we sit down with Noëlle to uncover her beauty secrets, confidence tips and inspiring stories…

Who inspires you?

My mother is my biggest inspiration. At 82 years old, she is still very much aware of beauty and elegance. She has a bright spirit and always has amazing ideas. Beauty, lovely things, nature and my little 8 year old girls are my other sources of inspiration.

Karin Herzog

Karin Herzog

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in the industry as a female entrepreneur?

I cannot really say that I have faced a challenge which is particular to being a female entrepreneur, but the biggest challenge I’ve had to face was to succeed in continuing my parent’s work and develop the family business. The company was built upon an invention opposed to a business base. The challenge was to keep the family and scientific spirit but in giving a more business side.

What is your proudest achievement?

You mean beside my marriage and my children?… To have succeeded in keeping the family business where it is after 40 years despite difficulties experienced, but this is also thanks to my husband who is at my side.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

To do things with your heart and soul, always, even in the business.

Noëlle Herzog

Noëlle Herzog

What are your morning rituals that set you up for the day?

I like to wake up early, before my husband and my children, purposely to have half an hour for me. I then drink a cup of tea (draining tea), eat a boiled egg and… smoke a cigarette on the balcony… I know, it’s not good for me but it is my time… I try to quit slowly but surely. My oxygen cream gives me beautiful and radiant skin despite all.

When do you feel you’re most confident?

When I hold conferences or training sessions about Karin Herzog products. I have a total confidence in what they do and their efficiency that I feel 100% confident in what I tell and explain.

What is the best piece of advice you have learnt from your parents?

My parents were always very honest and filled with love and respect for others, so they always told me: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And my mother always told me to remove make-up before bed, of course!

Dr. Paul and Karin Herzog

Dr. Paul and Karin Herzog

What quality do you admire the most in your mother?

At 82 years old, my mother has always had an incredible energy, clear mind and always had new ideas. She loves life and knows how to resolve problems. When I’m really stuck with an issue, I call her.

Your father has done a great job setting up the business over 40 years ago, what plans do you have to make the business your own?

My husband and myself have been running the family business since 2008. Our plan is to make it a great and successful business, keeping the family spirit as long as possible.

Your mother inspired your father to set up the business. What inspirations are you going to draw on to carry on their legacy in business?

This time it will be a man who will inspire the woman. I take my inspiration from my husband’s business spirit and efficiency. I listen to him and follow him because he has showed me his loyalty and his business know-how throughout the 20 years we have been together.  We definitely have the right balance between business and family.

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