Now that Victoria Beckham has unleashed the notion of thigh high boots on New York at Fashion’s Night Out yesterday, it’s got me wondering whether this is really a look that those of us in the real world can carry off. Yes, Victoria looks a million dollars in hers; immediately I want to order some, but reality bites. Either I will end up looking like the panto principal boy, or a slightly weary dominatrix – neither of which I embrace with ease. Thigh high boots rely on a short skirt to carry off properly, and as it turns out, a very short skirt indeed. Not only am I almost queasy at the thought of my bottom in a properly mini skirt, but I worry too about the ‘inbetween’ flesh that inevitably will be on show from the top of the boot to the hem of the skirt. One single bulge, and the look is blown. While it’s really no hardship to slip into my gorgeous winter Fitflop boots, they’re not quite evening glam. So, on the whole, I’m thinking it won’t be a look that I can do, but I’ll admire from afar anyone who does it and pulls it off as beautifully as Victoria!

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