Whether it’s freshly mown grass (or freshly fallen rain!), there’s always a key olfactory prompt that reminds us its summer. For me, it’s always the rich smell of jasmine that fills the evening air because I have it in my garden and the blooms unfailingly sent heady notes throughout the house for a brief time every July. I also love the smell of line-dried washing that somehow always seems that bit more wholesome for not having been bundled around in the tumble drier, and as a throw-back to my childhood, no summer is complete without a waft of coconut-laden Ambre Solair suntan oil. I’ve recently discovered the new Korres fragrances; in particular Rosewood, Blackcurrant and Cyclamen, £38, that’s fresh and floral at the same time, with all the notes colliding together to make a perfect reminder of summer. White flowers, mint leaves and rose flutter in and out of the top notes to make a sparkling aroma that’s everything cheerful. Destined to become an instant classic, I can see this being the perfect nudge everytime I need reminding of blue skies, cheery days and happy, sunny days.

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