Self-tans have come a long, long way since the days of what can only be described as a curious blend of yellow and orange. These days, they are very realistic and do actually do the job of simulating a real tan, meaning we can stop baking ourselves to a crisp and actually enjoy the heat without instantly feeling we have to dash off to lay out. However, trends in self tan have moved along from the days when Brazilian-esq dark brown was almost compulsory – in fact, for WAGs and celebs, I think it was! These days, fashionistas and beauty editors are advising we take it down a notch or two to emulate a natural, golden colour that errs on the side of light. This is great news – not only will we get through less bottles of tan, but it also means that the room for error is considerably greater – streaks and missed bits aren’t nearly as obvious with gentler shades.

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