I’m always a little bit confused about how eyebrows can be subject to such trends. One minute, bushy is back in the form of natural, unruly arches (we all loved that one!); the next thing you know, immaculate grooming is key. Whew! I can hardly keep up. What I do know though, is a brow pencil can be your best friend. Eyebrows can look dowdy against a new hair-do or colour, and if you use foundation, brows often get a light coverage whether you mean to or not! A brow pencil brings back definition and colour depth and makes your face look more lively and your eyes more open. I like Korres – my shade is Dark, but there are three to choose from, and you should stick to the shade closest to your own. It’s an inexpensive way of brightening up your look, no matter what the trend is supposed to be! Jane X

Writer and expert