pillow2There’s a lot in press at the moment about the Pillow Face girls – celebrities who’ve overdosed on the dermal fillers. A friend of mine has had cheek fillers and there is no sign of ‘pillow face’ – in fact she looks lovely. Her cheek fillers have had the effect of banishing a slightly ‘drawn’ look that can happen as we age as a skin naturally loses collagen. The reason celebs have been christened ‘pillow faces’ is because they’ve just gone totally over the top! Fillers in lips, cheeks, nose to lip lines – my goodness, in some there isn’t a spare inch that hasn’t been artificially plumped. But, it raises a good question – why? My theory is that less is more; I’ve got no problem with non-surgical facial interventions – in fact, I love a bit of Botox! – but keeping it real surely has to look more elegant, less desperate and all round more pretty? What do you think?

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