If you haven’t already, then do take a peek at our newly listed Christmas Gifts. I’m an obsessively early Christmas shopper – I start panicking in early November if I haven’t got everything sorted, as the thought of trawling Oxford Street on a drizzly Christmas eve fills me with absolute horror. I like to wrap as I buy (which brings endless muddles as I often forget to add the tags), and sink into my sofa on Christmas Eve in a cloud of smugness, made all the better by a glass of mulled wine! However, the best laid plans and all that – it’s an annual inevitability that someone got forgotten in my precision purchasing regime, neighbours appear laden with goodwill and gifts when we weren’t expecting it or a girlfriend decides on her own that we are going to exchange presents this year! So, I’m stocking up on Ortigia bath and body products so that I don’t get caught out this year – they’re well priced, indulgent and unisex – and if there are no unexpected recipients this year, that’s fine. I just well and truly ticked the ‘gift to self’ box!

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