As I’m off on holiday in a couple of weeks, I’m stocking up on my two essential products – Gatineau Melatogenine Anti-ageing Tan Accelerator, and ZO1 Active Skin Shield SPF30. I discovered Gatineau Tan Accelerator a couple of years ago and it is now a firm staple in my beauty cupboard. The genius of it is that it brings your own natural melanin to the surface of the skin, so once you do get in the sun (fully protected of course) a tan comes very quickly. It’s also formulated with key anti-ageing ingredients (Dorman and Melatogenine) to keep skin supple and youthful. Use it once a day for two weeks before you go in the sun (a double bonus as you hit the beach with already conditioned and hydrated skin) and then for a couple of weeks afterwards to prolong any tan. Tanning is always an issue – do you, don’t you? I tan far less now and am much more conscious of keeping my skin safe, but I can’t resist browning up just a little bit. While ZO1 was originally developed for watersports enthusiasts, I used it last year and absolutely loved the consistency and it uses zinc oxide to protect from the sun (SPF30). It left my skin in extremely good condition; soft and moisturised, and better yet, didn’t cause any allergies that I can sometimes get from sun screen. Jane X

Writer and expert