I spotted some pictures of Colleen Rooney in her bikini relaxing on a family holiday with Wayne and baby son Kai. While they were lovely, smiley, happy family pictures, the thing I noticed about Colleen is how smooth her skin is. She isn’t – thankfully – super-skinny; more a real-girl with a curvy figure, and her peachy, bonzed skin looked absolutely beautiful. The nuts and bolts of having such enviably smooth skin at any age is moisture and exfoliation. I don’t believe in sloughing your skin till it hurts, but a gentle, daily abrasive action will not only make skin more responsive to body lotion, but give it a fresh glow that actually shows. I like Kiehls Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish because of it’s gentle action, and find it is best applied to damp skin before you get in the bath or shower.

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