ghd1All the teens I know seem to have a festive bypass when it comes to Christmas: they’re just not that into it! December 25th is a day they’d far rather spend with their mates than their family and the thought of unwrapping Granny’s home knit specials under the tree is about as tempting as an acid bath. However, what does seem to lighten their day, albeit briefly, is good gifting (and a few furtive gulps of egg nog), and if you have a teen girl who loves to straighten her hair, then she’ll already have the fabulous GHD Limited Edition Precious Set at the top of her goodie list. Containing a travel hair drier (girl essential!) and black and silver Baroque style ghd IV styler, even if she won’t join in the annual Sound of Music watch, at least she’ll have a smile on her face while she goes back to the duvet.

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