I’m a big fan of anything with rose extracts: it’s the gentlest of ingredients and smells so beautiful, too. While a cleansing routine is indeed, functional, it is something that needs doing every single day so why not make it a sensory and pleasurable experience, too? This creamy milk cleanser is great for summer skin that feels a little tight and dehydrated as it gives a boost to moisture levels with vitamins E and F. It is specifically targeted at mature or dehydrated skin so if you have oily skin it’s something for occasional use, but both normal and dry skin types will do very well with this. It has a blissful scent, and gives the complexion a boost of vitality that looks and feels amazing. Remember to massage as long as you can – not only does it get the cleanser into any crevices but also improves circulation in your face which in itself will give you a glowing boost.

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