It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that autumn/winter lips are destined to be red (or black, but that’s a whole other post!). ‘Notice-me’ scarlet pouts need precision application and regular top ups – it’s a high maintenance look that will pay beauty dividends if you’re prepared for the upkeep. To start, it’s a good idea to exfoliate your lips (you can do this with an old toothbrush by gently scuffing around the area with the bristles) so they look super smooth from the get go. Next, add the lightest layer of foundation (or eye primer if you have any) to give your lipstick some ‘grip’. Long-last formulas still seem to be ultra-drying, so while opting for a creamier lipstick does mean you’ll need to reapply more often, it will give lips a more dewy, supple look. For perfect precision application, it’s truly best to use a lip brush. Not only does this mean that you’re unlikely to go ‘outside’ the lines, but it also means it has to be done in front of a mirror and more slowly so errors are less likely to happen than if you just give a quick swipe with the stick. A lip liner is optional, although if you have fine lines around your mouth, they can prevent the dreaded ‘bleed’. Try not to do lots of ‘mwahs’ after applying your red lippie: it ruins the precision and dilutes the finish. You can pat the finished lip with tissue to get rid of residue, but you will wreck the sheen. For lipstick that lasts a bit longer, apply once, blot and apply again. Wear red lips with spidery, black lashes and neutral cheeks, and don’t neglect your eyebrows – a perfect arch somehow seems the essential accessory to red lips.

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