Founder of 111SKIN Dr Yannis Alexandrides answers some of the questions we have been dying to know. Imparting his sterling advice and years of experience within plastic surgery and skincare, focusing on looking after your body and skin.

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Here are a few of our favourite products:


The 111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask (23ml) is formulated using the latest bio technology, and will help your skin to look brighter, tighter and more nourished. A patented gel sheet, it’s 500 times finer than a tissue for perfect adhesion to the skin, whilst having a 3D structure which allows for 10x stronger absorption of effective ingredients. Enriched with arbutin, silk amino acids and centella asiatica, this anti-ageing mask will regenerate your complexion

111SKIN Ground Control Nax Y2 Anti Acne Tonic

This Ground Control NAC Y2 Anti Acne Tonic from 111Skinis created to deeply cleanse skin that’s prone to breakouts of spots and acne. Formulated with the patent NAC Y2 formula, which contains Saw Palmetto and Benzyl Alcohol that work to neutralise stress induced free radicals, minimise excess oils and act as an antiseptic.

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