So this week I am reviewing a hand sanitizer with a twist from Renouve; claiming to ‘Go beyond hand sanitizing by confronting germs without compromising beauty.’ this product definitely talks the talk, but can it walk the walk (well in this case, clean hands). 

The special thing about this hand sanitizer is that it uses Bitter Orange Peel Extract, a certified organic antibacterial that studies have proven kills 99.99% of bacteria.                    


So instead of drying out your hands, it works to enrich hands with collagen and stimulating peptides that actively diminish wrinkles and the signs of ageing.  So to keep your hands looking young and clean this is the ideal product, or so they say.

On first impressions the box and pump action bottle are really pretty, with a gold leaf design on a cream background, the packaging is very enticing. Plus I like the premise of a hand sanitizer without alcohol, as I often find the alcohol dries your hands and has quite a strong unpleasant smell.


The Trial:
So on opening the box, you find a slimline pump action bottle with a gold top and plastic lid; the container is attractive and looks a lot less sterile than other hand sanitizers on the market. The aesthetic is attractive and feminine and has a look of perfume about it.
When using I found the pump action useful and easy to use, it is better to have the bottle at a straight angle to get a full pump of product. The serum has a clear texture but has a slightly brown tint, and the feel is heavier than other sanitizers I have used.

Saying that, it glided over my hands smoothly and although feels like it wont absorb it does after about 15 seconds. The smell isn’t strong and has hints of orange from the ingredients, I found the smell a bit musky, however the scent didn’t last for long and my hands definitely felt smoother than they would using my normal hand sanitizer.

The consistency of the sanitizer.


The Conclusion:

After using this product for a week, the smell unfortunately didn’t grow on me, it is not necessarily an unpleasant smell, I just think it is an acquired taste. However the look and feel of my hands was really good, lovely soft skin, not dried out or cracked, and I felt like it cleaned them well. For the times you feel you need a little bit of protection, or avoiding the winter cold that seems to be going round, this sanitizer is ideal.

Retailing at £22.00 this is definitely a luxury hand sanitizer. Check out our full range of soaps and sanitisers here.

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